130 hp/310 Nm (+21 hp, + 55 Nm). Acceleration 8.5 sec to 100 (original 11.5).
Improved take-off from a standstill (less “thought” at the start, this cuts another second to 100).
Regeneration almost doubled. 55kW regeneration.
Vmax +10km/h
Better regeneration when the battery is cold (significant difference, it really regenerates even at -10C, of course within the limits allowed for the cells).
Improved operation of the heat pump (about 10C lower it starts working, the heaters are less active even in great cold).
The enhanced regeneration mode can be assigned to any setting (suggested D, because it is the active mode when the car is switched on).
In the second mode (e.g. B), regeneration is deactivated and controlled only by the brake pedal (while increased there) – this allows for considerable energy savings at motorway speeds.

The solution clearly improves range, performance and driving pleasure.

For the Nissan Leaf, we recommend the 6.4kW charger, which combines phases from a 3-phase socket. A perfect solution for single-family homes and solar panel owners – full charging speed even with poor power connections and low voltages under load. Equipped with a system to prevent fuse blowing.

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