chip tuning training

Chip tuning training courses will increase your car chip tuning skills, even if you start your adventure with cars. Professional chip tuning lessons focus on newest injection systems like EDC17, MED17, Siemens Tricore based systems, Delphi, Denso, Continental etc. Chip tuning trainings explain also how to deactivate DPF, FAP, SCR, DTC codes. EVC WinOls trainings are also included in our courses (authorized by EVC). Please notice that we do not train in using flashers or dyno – we focus on professionals, who want to increase their knowledge of file processing, remapping, fine tuning. Having notebook with WinOls or WinOls demo is obligatory.

Chip Tuning Trainings

Professionals very often talk about the features of engine controllers and their chip-tuning. Still, the information circulating on the internet or among friends is, in most cases, minimal and vague.
Anyone, who participated in a training offered by the automotive companies, they might have had the impression that some questions, such as, "what tuning functions the ECU has" got vague and often evasive answers. It's time to learn the truth.
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For academic purposes

Specialized workshops - support for a study of internal combustion engines.

Training designed mainly for technical academics.

Possible topics for training:

  • adjustment of the factory drivers (ECU) to work at laboratory stands
    scaling, re-scaling of sensors in ECU...
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