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We tune even tractors and trucks. There is one flat rate per file. It does not matter what kind of machine it is from.


If you look for a particular solution, but we are not online – check our ready files database.
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First file free?

Want a sample first stage 1 file for free? It is possible. Create an account and tick “special order” when uploading your file. Do not forget to write more about your tuning company in the comments, as we do that for professionals only.

Custom Tuning Files

We prepare each file (remap) personally, based on your expectations. We do not use ready-made files, although we are assisted by our database of tens of thousands of ECU files already successfully modified.
Our tuning files service will take good care of your order.

Large chip tuning workshop?

It is a perfect idea to take advantage of our packages for 2,5,10,20, and 50 remaps. 55 Euros per file is no problem for those who need a lot of remaps in a short time.

Unusual, special needs?

No problem. We also modify watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, and machinery. No, you don’t have to think about how much it costs. We apply a flat rate even in such cases. For race cars and customized, highly modified engines – just contact us.

Do you want to use a slave flasher?

We will offer you even better prices. Write to us and we will provide you with equipment, training (if you need it) and one of the best prices on the market. 25 years of experience guarantees that we are Europe’s leading car tuners.


Good and not expensive

January 13, 2023

I’ve been buying remaps from Vtech Tuning tuning files service for a while now. It may not be the fastest file tweak service for tuners, but I accept that because they always work (with a few exceptions). Pricing is also an advantage.

John K.

Very good

January 9, 2023

I’ve modified quite a lot of cars’ files myself, but the newer they are, the more problems I have with tuning them. The guys at Vtech Tuning can handle even difficult cars, and at these prices, it’s not worth it to me to take the risk and do it myself. I do the older models myself (and got good examples from them for free). The newer ones are supplied by V-tech.

Martin D.


January 3, 2023

At first, they modified my BMW and I came in as a regular customer. Then another car followed. Over time, I decided to add chip tuning of ECU files to the offer of the workshop I run. They helped me and also trained an employee. I may not buy a lot of files, but I have nothing to complain about in terms of quality.

Peter O.

Do you accept returns?

In justified cases, yes. After all, a customer’s car is not always 100% operational. Sometimes remaps, which have been proven many times, do not work as we/you expect. If you wish to make a return, please contact our support. Dynamometer charts documenting the unsatisfactory result will certainly help.

Do you provide training?

Of course. Online training courses will help you get set up. You can also visit us for on-site training. For the advanced, authorized WinOls and chiptuning lessons are available, even up to the map switching level in MED17/MD1/MG1. Check

Can I buy a flasher or WinOls from you?

We are a distributor for EVC (WinOls) and Alientech. You can buy tuning equipment from us, buy WinOls, and get training. Everything is in one place, from one supplier. We have also been manufacturing dynamometers for 20 years (

Do I need a dynamometer?

It is advisable. If we consider that the engine is the heart of the car, then a dynamometer is to a tuner what an ECG is to a doctor. By having a dynamometer, you can easily verify tuning results or spot problems. Luckily – we are a manufacturer of excellent dynamometers ( If you buy files (remaps) from us, we will offer you a better price for a chassis dynamometer.


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