Tuning AcademY

Specialized workshops – support for a study of internal combustion engines

Training designed mainly for technical academics.

Possible topics for training:

  • adjustment of the factory drivers (ECU) to work at laboratory stands
  • scaling, re-scaling of sensors in ECU
  • calibration of the measurement data delivered by the engine control unit
  • changing the sampling frequency and data stream frequency at CAN
  • factory PID controllers, setpoint adjustment options – switching, applications
  • standalone engine control units
  • conversion and adaptation of setpoints and maps from serial ECU into standalone ECU for petrol cars (options: Adaptronic, AEM, Autronic, Bosch Motorsport, Delphi, DTA, ECS, EFI, Emerald, EMS, Gems, Haltech, Hydra, Megasquirt, Mercury, Motec, Nira, Omex, Pectel, Racetech, Sodemo, Specialist Components, Sybel, VEMS, Zytek. Any other – by agreement)
  • conversion and adaptation of setpoints and maps with serial ECU into standalone ECU for diesel cars (options: Bosch Motorsport Civinco, Nira, Specialist Components. Any other – by  agreement)
  • methodology of fine tuning of factory ECU and standalone ECU with a help of chassis dynamometer/engine dynamometer
  • optimization problems – fuel consumption, power, torque, durability of the powertrain, matching any demanded characteristics.


Implementation of training in the range of subjects presented above is possible when engaged attendants have at least a basic knowledge of internal combustion engines. If the training takes place outside V-tech, it is recommended to have an access to a chassis dynamometer (dyno can be rented from V-tech).



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